Why I am not Roman Catholic

Let me  make one thing clear. I am Catholic…but NO WAY am I Roman Catholic.

I have many Roman Catholic friends & family. But, I could not & never will become one. There are many reasons for my aversion to the Holy See.

1. One man has way too much power. Yeah, I am referring to the Pope.

2. My Protestant background refuses me to even consider the idea of putting my choices for MY LIFE based on a Catechism.  Sometimes I think the Protestants have it correct with their ” sola Scriptura” doctrine.

3. Mandated celibacy of the priesthood. This is ridiculous. I believe that marriage should be open to anyone & everyone who is in a committed relationship.

4 Birth control. In this day & age, it makes sense to practice responsible family planning.

5 They keep the Blessed Sacrament away from folks who refuse to ” sign on the dotted line” & agree with their Catechism.

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