Conspiracy Theories

{ Mark 3:1-4}

Today’s Gospel lesson has Christ healing a man’s withered hand. Now the Scripture doesn’t say exactl;y what sort of diformity the man suffered from, but  we do know that almost immediately after this first healing miracle, the Pharasees & Herodians  begin their conspiracy against Jesus.

Christ performs His first miracle, according to Mark’s Gospel &  in the same  section of Scripture we read about the conspiracy theory  taking shape against Him.

I will adit that I am not one to buy into any sort of conspiracy theory. Politicians on both sides seem to scream ” conspiracy theory” whenever the media leaks some bit of ” dirt” regarding the personal lives of our elected leaders. But Christ was no politician, although the political  scene of His day might have viewed His influence as a threat to their power.

Even today, there are conspiracy theories against Christ & His Church.

One of the biggest conspiracy theories I see against Christ’s Church is the one that painst we Christians as narrow-minded bigots with little tolerance for those who might be led by the Spirit to  see God differently. Christ didn’t come, teach , die & rise  for only one set of idealogy. There is room in His Church for all persons. When Christians say that ” the Christians”  all think, act & behave in one way, that is a conspiracy against  Him.  My Spiritual Director told me once taht he would not want to be a part of a Church that did not welcome all{ yes, and that includes our more literal-minded sisters & brothers!!} Christ  wasn’t a Republican…He wasn’t a Democrat, either. Christ was Immanuel.  He was & is God-with-Us & to try to put Our Lord  Jesus Christ in a box & label Him  smacks of a conspiracy theory.

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