No mere ” Miracle Worker”


Here in today’s Gospel lesson we see crowds flocking to Jesus from all over, hoping for miracles. But, once again, it is the last sentence in the Gospel lesson for today that grabs my attention.

” But he sternly ordered them not to make Him known”

The evil spirits recognize Christ for Who He is…the true Son of God.  But Jesus warns them not to tell everyone who he really is…and I can totally understand why this might be so. Already Our Lord has earned quite a reputation as a miracle-worker, earlier in today”s appointed lesson it says that Christ told the disciples to have a boat ready  in case He needed to make a quick getaway…” so that they{ the crowds} would not crush him.”

Christ is no mere  healer & it is ironic that the evil spirits whom He drives away instantly recognize Christ as the Son of the One God, but the crowds  only see Him as the worker of miracles.  Scripture says that they{ the evil spirits} recognized Him instantly . My question tonight is: do we  Christians  need reaffirmation of Who Christ is in the form of miracles or is faith enough? Now don’t misinterpret me: I * do* know firsthand that miracles occur but  at the same time  God need not prove anything to you & me  of the awesome love that  the Son brings to us. This past week in EfM we dicussed miracles & if people of faither really need some sort of  scientific proof of how a miracle occurs.

God is love. That is all we need to know. God so loved the entire human condition that God sent the Son to live among us & to be ransomed for our sins. Jesus was & is a miracle worker, but He is so much more than what the crowds who were seeking His healing touch saw.

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