Calming Storms

 { Mark 4:35-41}

Here on the Gulf Coast we are too familiar of the havoc that storms can wreck.  I know that even if there is ” tropical activity” somewhere in Africa is always puts me on edge. Two major storms in two-year was more than enough storm, excitement for me.

Storms are scary. Imagine with me what the disciples must have thought as their boat swayed on the ocean swells. Scripture tells us that” a great windstorm  arose, and the waves beat into the boat so that  the boat was already being swamped.”

Bad storms  are bad enough when one is safe , dry & warm in one’s own residence. I cannot imagine how frightened  the disciples must have been  when this storm brewed.  They went to look for Jesus, and found Him ASLEEP!

The story goes on to say that the 12 disciples woke Jesus &  Jesus, seeing the fright in the eyes of His friends,  calmed the storms just by using His voice.  Scripture then tells us that “…. a dead calm” fell over the sea. Wow. Can you imagine witnessing that miracle?  The disciples seemed befuddled, they ask each other ” who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

In hindsight we do know that Our Lord Christ can do anything He pleases. Christ’s power was not & is not steeped in any sort of  magic, Christ IS God-Made-Flesh &  therefor His power is uncomprehended to we mere mortal humans.

The Christ who can calm stormy seas is the same Christ in Who we put our trust when we face storms in our own lives. But we do need to let Him know that we are ready & willing to receive help from Him.

I hate storms of any kind. They make me feel helpless & hopeless.  Since I have lived in Florida I have witnessed the destructive powers of such wind & rain. But the worst weather disasters often can bring out the best in individuals. The face of Christ Who calms storms is seen i neighborsh helping neighbors pick up debris after a major storm or sharing food so that all might have enough to eat until the grocery stores reopen.

But there is another, less tangible but too real storms that many people face.  The storms of uncertan times in the lives of families nations & Faith communities  can wreck havoc on those  most affected. It is tough for a community to navigate the muddy waters of uncertainity, but I always tell myself that God is in charge, not me& eventually the storm shall pass & we can all look forward to sunny, calmer days .

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