Convention Countdown

 Where has all the time gone? Today is February 1.

Good grief, it seems as though only last week was Christmas & now we are looking at Lent approaching.  As usual, my plans for Lenten fasting are from my three vices: chocolate,  alcohol and cussing.  To curb the cussing I am adding money to my ER-D  collection box.  Fasting from chocolate is hard enough…there is no way that I’m also fasting from coffee.

 My Diocese’s annual Convention is at the end of the month & I am a first-time attendee. I am alternate this year but that is a-ok with me, as this way I get to see  everything &  have more freedom to attend sessions that interest me. Unless, one of the other delegates  cannot  be present for a vote, of course.

  I confess that I am not as globally minded as I should be now, but hopefully that might change in the near future. While I admire all the overseas mission work that we Christians do, I am a firm believer that  the real mission fields  are often within driving distance of where we live. This Lent, I plan to  ask God to show me where I am needed the most in my community, parish & diocese.

 On Saturday, February 6, I’ll attend a pre-Convention meeting  in Crestview with some of the other delegates from my parish. I am sure I will have much more to write  about this experience on Saturday evening, but suffice it for now to say that it is an honor & a privilege to be attending Convention this year.

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