patience trust & faihfulness

Usually one does not think of the church season of Epiphany as one  of waiting., but for me this Epiphany has been filled with  anxious waiting. Ask anyone who knows me at all: patience is NOT one of my virtues. But in these past few weeks I have learned a lot about  waiting & about relying on God’s Time.

I tend not to trust people, especially laypeople with authority. Suffice it to say I have been burned terribly in the past by so-called ” church-people who  had no idea what it meant to follow Christ’s model of servant-leadership.  However, these past few weeks has renewed my faith in the ability of  some laypeople  to lead.  Now I also have a model of servant-leadership whom to follow as I grow in  faith & discern what it is that God is asking of me.

This Saturday I’ll attend a pre-Convention business meeting with some other lay delegates from my parish.  I am not quite sure what to expect but I know that God will meet me there & in time God will  reveal God’s Plan for me. I also know that I am blessed with the company of many faithful Christ-followers on this leg on my journey. I just need to remember  PATIENCE, TRUST & FAITHFULNESS. I thank God for the opportunity to serve as a delegate to Convention this year & I also am thankful for  so many  excellent examples of   servant-leadership  by the Christians with whom I share my life.

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