pre-Convention 2010

 This morning I attended my first diocesan ” pre-Convention” meeting in Crestview. It was held at a lovely little church & { of course} coffee & snacks  offered to we delegates. 

Of course I was the * youngest* person present by a long shot but I did not let my lack of age deter  me from active listening & also speaking out  from the floor. My Church means the world to me & I am * so* honored & Blessed to  be an alternate  delegate to the 2010 Convention of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.   I know I am not the youngest delegate to Convention, but this morning I was the lone representative of all the under 40  generations.

 One of the resolutions that will be  set before the Convention floor  regards  officially changing the name of our Diocese. . This isn’t as radical as one might think:  it is proposed that we merely remove the term ” Protestant” from our  official name.  This means that  we’d be known as ” the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast rather than the  PROTESTANT Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.  As someone who totally embraces the ” catholic” aspect of our Anglican heritage, I am all on board with removing that ” P word” from the Diocese’s official  name.  Contrary to what a  Protestant pastor whom I  respect deeply told me, I am  I am Anglican & therefore have the best of both Catholic &  Protestant Christianity.

Most of the numbers-crunching at the meeting went totally over my head but I know enough to  make a Spirit-led & informed vote if I am called to vote on the budget. Frankly , I hope I am not called to the floor for that vote since my math skills are seriously lacking. 

It was a good experience.

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