Samuel’s Call

 I just finished reading my EfM lesson for tomorrow’s seminar group. The lesson deals with several OT topics, but the story which struck me as the most interesting is that of Hannah’s wish for a child & the call by God of said child of Hannah.

 The text makes several parallels between Hannah ‘s song of praise & that of the Blessed Mother{ the latter is found is Luke}  although EfM  does not wish  we participants to make parallels  between the OT & NT material, one cannot but help to see the similarities.  Tomorrow’s discussion should be * really* interesting.

I’ve been prayerfully pondering my own discernment  a lot lately. As of right now, I am not sure just what it is that God is calling me to do, but I am enjoying the discernment process.  Unlike Samuel, God has not spoken to me in my native language. { at least not yet!!}  so I am willing and able to be patient.  Fortunately I am blessed with many solid Episcopal Christians , both lay and ordained, who can travel with me on the journey of discernment.  Facebook has opened up a whole avenue of folks with whom I share this wonderful Episcopal Church & I thank God for them every day.

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