Potty Mouth

{ Mark 7:14-23}

Today’s appointed Gospel lesson really ” spoke” to me in more ways than one. Jesus is telling the disciples “…the things that come out are what defile.”

I will be the first to admit that one of my biggest vices is the creative use of four-letter cuss words. While I am more mindful of this habit now that I am older & not as stupid as I once was, I still resort to cussing like a drunken  sailor on occasion. 

Most of my cussing is in response to  external frustrations: rarely do I cuss AT another person. Actually, some of my  most prolific  strings of  dirty words came while watching my Steelers play some rather pathetic football on TV.

 Yet my habit of  defiling my speech pattern with  foul language  * does* separate me from God. Our Creator did not gift me with  language  so I can spread filth, God intends for my words to glorify God.

When I was a college student the first time, my  friends & I had a practice of  designating one mayonnaise jar in our dorm room as a  ” cuss jar”. Each time one of us would utter one of * those* words, we would deposit 25 cents into the jar. At the end of the 40-day Lenten season we would vote on which  charity would get the proceeds from our corporate jar. We held each other accountable to this pledge & it worked.  Since then I have { really!!!} been more mindful of my use of foul language…at least in public!

This upcoming Lent, I shall continue my new  discipline of  abstaining from the use of those words. When I do  slip a cuss word out of my mouth{ and I know that I WILL fail at the attempt to stay cuss word-free during Lent!} I will give more money to Episcopal Relief & Development for their relief work in Haiti & other parts of the world.

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