C of E rejects ACNA

Thanks be to GOD!

According to an article in Episcopal Life Online: the See of Canterbury has rejected the request of the  ” Anglican Church of America”‘s to become a legit province within the Anglican Communion.  So, no matter what Bob Duncan & his followers might think, they are * not* a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

My note to the leader of the ACNA:

Sorry. Just because you don a  starched collar & a fuchsia clergy shirt does not mean you are a legit bishop!

Let me  go on record as saying  that I HATE schisms passionately. I am a proud straight ally & I support the American Episcopal Church’s  resolution   dealing with  equal rights for all who might have a call to Holy Orders in our Church. Yet at the same time, I hate what the schismatics are trying to do to the Church I love.

No matter what one feels about the  social issues which seem to get everyone’s underwear in a tizzy, schism is never a good idea. I live in one of the more conservative Dioceses in the Church & I know faithful Episcopalians with whom I disagree vehemently on the issue  about  GLBT persons who feel called to Holy Orders. Schism does not help anyone , nor does it do anything to further the mission of the Church. 

Frankly, I wish the  issue of  sexuality of priests & deacons would just disappear.   People are people & in my opinion, as long as both parties involved  are of age & consent then love is love. Clearly I am in the minority here in my Diocese & I have NO intention of backing down  nor leaving my beloved Church over this issue. My Spiritual Director  told me” There is room in the Church for everyone, even social conservatives.” {AMEN & A-men!} Since I can live with tension among folks who  disagree with me about the issue of homosexuality, I cannot fathom the mindset of the schismatics.  The Episcopal Chuch & the Anglican  branch of Christianity is so much more than  the issue of  homosexuality & I feel that folks who either feel the need to break away from TEC or become Roman Catholics based on  whether or not gay & lesbian persons are permitted to discern a call to Holy Orders are absurd.  One’s leaving any branch of Christianity  based only on  one’s feelings about any social issues  is a poor reason. {I’m an Episcopal convert & there are many reasons why I felt called to TEC, but that is fodder for at least two other blogs} I wish that  more socially conservative Christians would see that TEC is a rich, ancient Christian  tradition  with great liturgy & { more importantly} a history of SERVICE.

I am from western PA originally & when I was there last summer for a visit I attended one of these  ACNA Parishes. While they were very nice & , thanks be to God * did* use the Book of Common Prayer I could sense  that there was confusion & lack of direction  in that parish.  I was advised to go to the Mass{ & it was a ” deacon’s Mass” since they didn’t have a priest when I was there} with an open mind & heart.  During the Prayers of the People they prayed for Bob Duncan, their alleged bishop & I silently  added ” Katharine{ Jefferts-Schori} MY Presiding Bishop, Philip , my bishop, ect. It was unsettling.  My heart & prayers go to the faithful Episcopalians in the remaining parishes there who elected to stay with The Episcopal Church .

I’m Episcopalian & darn proud of my Church…for so many reasons. As for the more socially conservatives….” bless their little hearts” but I don’t agree with their positions nor do I think schism is the answer to furthering along the vision of shalom.

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