Valentines’ Scrooge but yay Mardi Gras

Lent Begins February 17.

I’ll observe this holy day{ Ash Wednesday} with the Imposition of Ashes at church.  I’m told that during Lent we’ll  use Rite One for the Sunday Holy Eucharist. Yay.  Rite Two, which we use  on all other Sundays, is much easier to understand, since it is written in more modern English.  The high-Church Anglo-Catholic in me * loves*  Rite One, even though all the Olde English words  do not roll off of my tongue easily.

The local Mardi Gras parade is  this weekend{ Tomorrow} & I’ll be there in the wet cold air selling food to help my area’s Relay For Life Steering Committee.  Last year I attended my first Mardi Gas parade  & had fun.  I’m planning to totally enjoy myself at the parade & at church on Sunday & not focus on the juggernaut of commercialism that is St Valentines’ Day.  I love Christmas, as  for we Christians that is still a major feast day & a day for families but V-day is nothing but commercialism.

Christmas follows Advent & lasts for twelve days  but Valentines” Day, in my opinion, is totally all about gifts.  But, since I’ve lived in the Deep South  I totally  embrace Mardi Gras.  Parties, debauchery, good food, & fancy dresses…now those things I  can appreciate.  But as for ” romance” …not so much.

If I had a man in my life now I don’t need cheap wine & chocolates to declare my love.  Actually, the most ” romantic” gift I’ve ever  gotten from a guy is a hardback book, one which I’d coveted since its release.  Candy & chocolate  are not the way to impress this woman: the way to my heart takes several detours.


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