“Being right is overrated…”

“Being right is overrated.”–The Rt. Rev. John McKee Sloan

{ Thanks to one of my parishioners for that quote}

 I do not know who Bishop Sloan is but these are wise words.

Too often, we Christians are too worried about being ” right” . We are so concerned with fighting among ourselves over dogma that we forget what we are supposed to be in this world: the very hands & feet of Christ.  How can Christians be the Body of Christ when one part of His Body refuses to communicate with the others? How can one claim to be a Christ-Follower yet fail to see the face of Our Lord in the faces of those with whom we disagree the most?

I am * just* as guilty as the next person …I am so often wrapped up in my own ideas & ideals that I forget that all Christians do follow the one Christ, the Christ Who died so that ALL of we sinners can be free.

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