Lent Approacheth

Happy Shrove Tuesday, everyone!

Tomorrow we’ll observe Lent 2010’s official beginning with an Ash Wednesday service. If you are in my area, come on out to my parish & recieve your ashes.

Anyhow, I am fasting from the following:

CHOCOLATE { I’m a choc-o-holic!}This morning I ate an entire giant  bar of dark , rich chocolate for breakfast. Yum! of course I’ll probably be sick top the stomach later thank to my undisciplined chocolate-eating! Dark chocolate is a special weakness of mine & Mom bought me an anti-Valentines’ Day gift of a huge bar of 70 percent dark  chocolate.  It was total bliss!  Mom knows how I feel about Valentines’ Day &  she gets me chocolate anyway.

Alcoholic drinks. I really am not much of a drinker, but I * do* like my  alcohol  during social situations. It calms my social phobia. Last year I stayed sober during my brother’s 30th birthday party due to my Lenten fast{ it wasn’t on a Sunday so I was not free of my Lenten fasting} Ugh.  Family parties on Dad’s side  of my geneology especially, are known for the free flow of the booze , so staying sober at one such party takes a * huge* leap of faith as well as discipline. And, anyone who knows me knows how much I  need discipline. :O)

Cussing. This is gonna be the hardest one from which to abstain. I have a bad habit of stringing together several  cuss words in very creative combinations{ especially when I am mad….wow, look out!} I’ve been cussing often lately at my computer, since my keyboard seems to want to stick together . Grr.  Unfortunately, I can no longer blame football season for  creative use of cuss words.

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