Looking for signs

 { Mark 8:11-13}

In this passage, the Pharisees are arguing with Our Lord,  asking Him for ” …a sign from Heaven”. Now I do not know for sure{ after all, I wasn’t there!} but I  sense that Jesus might be  more than a bit frustrated with these  religious leaders.  He replies:

” Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to this generation.”

Then, according to the text, Jesus gets in the boat and goes  away from them.

How often do we , like the Pharisees in this passage, demand from Our Lord  proof? Why do we do this when we know that our God is a loving Provider?  

As we end the season of Epiphany & look towards Lent,  I can’t help but reflect on  how God has actually shown signs of the Presence  in my life.

The signs are not always totally tangible , but if one looks hard enough one can catch a glimpse of God-among-us. 

God does not need to be ” tested” by human standards.  In my head I know this as Truth but when  unexpected & often  uncertain events happen in my life I forget the quiet assurance  that  we Believers  know. During these past few weeks this point has been drastically shown to me. 

God does not always operate according to the ” formula” we Christians set for our lives in community & individually. When the road of life shows us a sharp turn ahead, we quickly  look to ” what has been done before”. When a sign comes from God, God wants us to obey.  Many of us,  especially including myself, are not comfortable with  untested calls from God.  We want  proof that  any unusual situation is * really* what God wants from us either collectively or as individuals.

But the Creator  sometimes has different plans which might  require an adjustment or even a rewrite of the ” rules” set forth by centuries of our Christian sisters & brothers. The Spirit, like the wind, blows where it may and it is not our place, as beloved  siblings of Jesus Christ, to demand signs  that the God   loves us.  Evidence of God’s love for humanity is recorded throughout Holy Scripture.  Human civilization has changed, but God’s love has not wavered nor will  this amazing love  disappear.

If we need ” proof” that God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit loves us,  all we need to do is open the Scriptures. All the signs are there & will provide you & me with more than enough  proof of God’s love.

 Alleluia !

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