Convention Packet arrived

Yesterday my packet of ” study materials ” for the 2010 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast arrived in the mail. Oy, vey…it is a THICK packet. I am glad that there is plenty of time in which to somewhat familiarize myself with the material.

I skimmed the first few pages before I went to church last evening.  Honestly, I shall return to the material  next week when I am in a better mindset  to decipher all that legalese. :O) Thankfully there is nothing too pressing  on the agenda for this year’s Convention.

I am pleased to see that there will be several of my friends from  CGC Cursillio #139 present at Convention { both lay & clergy}Cursillio was such a wonderful experience for me , as I met so many fine Episcopalians from all over this Diocese whom I now count as close friends.

Eek, speaking of Cursillio I am not going to the closing Eucharist this time, since I have Supper Club Sunday evening. Darn it! But I will be where I need to be: among my parishioners since we have much to celebrate together! :O)

 This year’s Convention will be packed into one very long  & busy day but I am * really* looking forward to it. Naturally I bought myself a new outfit for the occasion & I am still searching for the right accessories for the dress, cardigan & shoes. The dress is a simple black  shift, but what make the outfit interesting is the sweater I chose to wear over the dress. Right now I’m on the hunt for  some unique yet inexpensive costume jewelry to  accent the dress & sweater. {Ladies in the CGC, if you have any shopping tips let me know soon! } I do wish I could wear earrings, as I saw some cute ones  during my last foray to the local Wal-Mart.

The main Eucharist will be an evening one at the close of the day. Since I am such a high-Church Anglican , this will by far be the best part of the whole experience.

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