Holier-then-thou Quitters

Maybe I am just stubborn, but I don’t quit. Persistence is, for better or worse, one of my qualities.  On the rare occasions when I * must* give up something to which I have committed, it is very painful & { usually) due to circumstances beyond my control.  Holier-than-thou quitting is defined as  the deliberate abandonment of one’s committment based only on  selfish motives. I’m sorry, but one should not quit just because one feels that he or she  is ” holier-than-thou” & if one must quit than at least be honest about one’s reasons for quitting.

For instance, the man who split the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is a quitter of the worst  degree: he was so self-righteous  that his schism caused pain for not only those who had the sense  to not follow him{ Bob Duncan} but to those whom he shepherds. Bob Duncan is NOT a bishop nor is he any sort of Spirit-led  leader.

I do not have any respect for grown men & women who quit halfway through a committment & it is even worse when  said quitter abandons a committment where a whole group of others are depending on him or her to follow through.

Everyone wants to quit sometimes, but those of us who have any sense of community & a responsibiliy to one’s community DO NOT QUIT!

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