Lent 1

My parish uses the Rite One version of Holy Eucharist during Lent. I * love* the Rite One language, but as a lay reader who is not quite used to all those fancy English pronouns, it is a joyous challenge to  lead the Prayers of the People: Rite One version. :O) 

Last year’s Lent One was Dad’s 60th{ yes!} birthday & I had  family  attend Mass with me AND  was scheduled to read  during the service for the first time. Naturally  my first day as a lay reader as an Episcopalian HAD to be Lent 1 & using Rite One for which I was totally unprepared.  But It was all good & I was still delighted to have  family with me at Mass .

Today is Sunday, so we are exempt from our Lenten fasting . Yay. This afternoon my Supper Club meets, & I am * very* grateful that Sundays during Lent  are exceptions from fasting. Last Lent I hosted Supper Club at my house in March &  friends in my Supper Club tempted me with chocolate cake and a sweet wine!  Since I had inadvertently chosen a Saturday evening to host Supper Club at my house I could not enjoy the wine nor the chocolate cake!. Well, lesson learned: Sarah Beth shall never agin host Supper Club at her house during Lent. :O)

Blessed Lent 1, y’all.

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