Surrounded by great cloud of witnesses

I am surrounded by a great cloud of  witnesses in The Episcopal Church in general & in my parish & Diocese in particular.

Tonight I made an honest attempt to  sift through the Convention packet. I noticed that there are several names from my Cursillio{ 139, the Dream Team} who are either clergy{ of course}  delegates & alternates. Wow. I am * totally* stoked & impressed that  MY Cursillio has produced & apparently will produce more  fine baptized leaders in my Diocese & in my Church.

Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with many of the folks from Cursillio 139 & a couple of them have remained in my life long after the three-day weekend. 

I am planning on lunching with two of my favorite people from  Baldwin County at Convention this year…after all, they came all the way to my parish for the Mass where I was confirmed, & that is a mark of dedicated friendship & siblinghood-in-Christ. The Lay Rector of Cursillio 139 is currently studying  for ordination to the priesthood  at General Seminary in NYC{ I love NYC!!!} & I am so proud of her.

As for my parish’s Cursillistas…of course I cannot say enough about how they have  inspired & continue to inspire this young Episcopalian{ young both in age & in  time in this Church}

The people  from The Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast #139 are proof of the amazing  gift of the Cursillio movement.  It is not for everyone, but  I must say that the three-day weekend of #139 has blessed me in countless ways. God is so good!

My parish’s Senior Warden is my newest hero …she joins a very short list of women who have  & continue to be good role models for me. As a matter of fact, one of my plans this Lent is to try harder to BE the  dedicated  Christ-follower that my parish’s Senior Warden has shown herself to be…her ministry to my parish sort of reminds me of ++ Katharine’s  ministry as Presiding Bishop of my Church. Both are living proof that God equips BOTH genders for all sorts of  very important ministry.

Ok, back to work on that Convention packet!  It will be a LONG night.

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