Belle from Butler

While I am an ” adopted” Southerner , I am proud of my small-town roots. These deep roots  are in Butler County, PA  & although I have lived in Ohio I AM a Western PA gal from Butler County .

I am not ashamed of my roots. My dad’s family had  a long history there & to disrespect my hometown is not something we do. I am proud of my last name &  the community from which we hail.  

Small-town life is what you make of it & nowhere on Earth is perfect.  { I speak from experience, as I’ve been in Santa Rosa County, FL for over 11 years now & am * just* now learning to embrace my coastal Southern culture. It has been a LONG journey but I am truly blooming where I am planted}

The only thing that troubles me about visiting my hometown is that the ” Anglican” church there is one of those who subscribes to the schismatics.  Butler’s only church of the Anglican tradition voted to follow Bob Duncan into the{ unrecognized}  ACNA , so I’ll probably attend a Roman Catholic Mass with my grandmother on the Sunday I am in Butler.  Visiting that schismatic parish last year was healthy for my spiritual growth & helped me reinforce my beliefs that schisms are BAD but at the same time I don’t think I’ll return to visit that church this year. I am from Butler but I am also a proud EPISCOPALIAN.

But schisms aside, Butler is a really great place to claim as my hometown.

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