No Open Containers in the Nave

The sign said” No Open Containers in the Church”  in big black bold letters.

Honestly, there * was* a sign on the door of the nave at Christ Church Pensacola at today’s annual Convention of the Central Gulf Coast.  I have a photo of said sign on my Facebook.

Hahaha, only at an Episcopal convention is there concern about ” open containers”. :O)

My first  diocesan Convention was a one-day affair in P’cola. We arrived there in the morning & { since we skipped the closing Eucharist} arrived back home  at a decent hour in the afternoon.  

For an introvert with autism, I sure did enjoy myself today among all those people.  Is this more proof that I have  really ” come HOME” to The Episcopal Church? Methinks so. :O) I pent over 20 years as a Presbyterian & never enjoyed myself at Presbytery meetings the way I totally enjoyed myself today in spite of the back pain & some of the noise.I just stepped outside for a minute to calm down from  the overstimulation  by noise. This fesisty little  bottled-redhead is not going to let her autism nor back pain stop her!

The Bishop of North Carolina was the Guest Preacher & he presided at Morning Prayer & Noonday prayer.  I LOVE Morning Prayer & hardly ever get chances to worship in this  very Anglican way, so I welcomed this opportunity to do so.

he delivered an excellent homily during Noonday Prayer & the Construction Team to the Dominican Republic was commissioned.

We only had three pre-filed resolutions, so the ” business” part of the convention was pretty quick, all things considering. 

The food was excellent at lunch, but the seating arrangements for dining…not so much. We ate in the gymnasium of the Episcopal Day School in Pensacola , & there were not tables &  very few chairs. So, we ate on the school bleachers: which to me is a throwback to High School.But the food was good & frankly I’ll forgo  dining atmosphere in favor of  food.  

I am happy to report{ sorry, SP} that the Diocese  has taken one step closer towards dropping the ” Protestant” from the official name . It will apparently come before next year’s Convention & then , if it passes, we will officially be known as the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.  As a high-Church Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian, this makes me very happy. :O)

The business sessions ended with an unexpected  comedy routine from three of the Diocese’s priests. Bravo, men. Y’all were great & you make me proud.


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