Lent 2 update

Wow….Sunday was the second week in Lent, 2010 already & today is the first day of March.  It is true, kids–time does  seem to accelerate when one is older. It seems as though Christmas was only literally yesterday & here we are in Lent already.

Friday’s CGC Convention was GREAT! It was nice to connect & reconnect with folks from around my Diocese. {And thanks be to God, the Bishop has a sense of humor!} My only complaint about this year’s Convention is that it was only one day. There was no gala in the evening, so I had no occasion to wear my purple  dress again.

Episcopal Relief & Development is getting more money from me due to my Lenten pledge to curb the cussing. My kitchen is a mess & although the sun  showed itself in Northwest Florida today  it is still unnaturally cold for this area. Normally I love ” sweater weather” but as this cold snap keeps on I dream of wearing short sleeves & sundresses.

Canada beat the USA in hockey & it was a member of MY CITY’s hockey team who scored the winning goal for Team Canada. Boo. :O( Thankfully , Sundays are free from the Lenten fast: much cussing from Sarah Beth occurred during said  hockey game. { I am really not that much of a hockey fan. However as a native of the Burgh area I do love my ‘Guins}

 The ONE must-see-TV show for me  is on this evening.  Whether or not they keep the character of Eric Delko, I am still a CSI: Miami junkie. But I admit that Delko  adds an extra dose of Miami cop hotness to my Monday evening routine. :O)  apparently tonight the team goes to Los Angeles. M’kay I thought the title of the show is CSI :MIAMI & not CSI Travels?

Shalom, all!

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