A liturgy junkie

” Hi, my name is Sarah Beth & I am a liturgy junkie!”

This comes as a big surprise to anyone who knows me, eh?

Yesterday a friend & I took a day trip to attend a Celebration of New Ministry. It was a long drive, but worth every mile.

One of the best aspects about The Episcopal Church is how we have special  liturgy for so much of life’s transitions. Not only do we have{ in my humble opinion} the * best* Mass liturgy, the most meaningful Burial Rites, wedding liturgy that is full of joy . We also have the distinctly Anglican liturgy for Morning & Evening Prayer. During Holy Week this year we’ll have Morning Prayer on Monday & Tuesday & on Holy Saturday I am told my parish will have an honest-to-goodness Easter Vigil, complete with bonfire. Yay. This is so awesome. It is only midway through the middle of Lent & I am already anticipating the new experience of the Holy Saturday vigil.Since my experience of organized church is  mostly Calvinist, I am totally unfamiliar with the Holy Saturday liturgy & look to this experience with the wide eyes of a fairly ” new” Episcopalian.

Yesterday I attended a Celebration of New Ministry service. This service officially marks a new chapter in the life of a parish & its new clergy. Last evening’s Mass was truly one of those ” moments closest to Jesus” { per what we discuss in Cursillio} The Spirit was truly present there & it was such a privilege & an honor to be among those good folks as they ” officially” welcome their new clergy. If you do have a chance to attend one of these services, even if you are not Episcopalian, I highly suggest that you do so. The symbolism of this particular service  is  full of  visual poetry.

Yup, Episcopal/Anglican liturgy rocks! :O)

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