Temptation by chocolate

 I am writing this evening about temptations.

Sorry….this is NOT a salacious blog.  :O)

The temptation about which I write refers to Lent. A recent homily  I heard in church this season dealt with giving up things for Lent which are * really* hard to do without. For instance , since I hate spinach it is pointless for me to ” give up spinach for Lent”. But, since I  am a choc-o-holic, each year I give up eating chocolate for Lent, as well as  the recreational use of alcohol. 

 I DID NOT  give in to temptation to drink last night while attending the gala for the Emerald Coast Autism Society & I STILL  totally enjoyed myself. God is good!  Most of the desserts  featured at last evening’s events were of the chocolate variety, so I chose not to eat any dessert.

My biggest temptation is the CHOCOLATE! I do not remove all things containing chocolate from my residence during Lent & I have discovered that  being faced with chocolate  while I’m in the house { & even watching other people eat it!!} is good for my Lenten discipline. 

While I admit to  loving the taste of chocolate I know that  I{ truly & really} don’t need it. God has  & continues to be so generous with me & I’ve never been hungry.  So many of our human sisters & brothers  do not have  enough food in order to maintain health, let alone little luxuries such as chocolate . Last night, as I was enjoying the merriment & partaking of some excellent food my mind wandered to those who send their children to bed every night with empty stomaches. The problem of hunger isn’t just confined to third-world nations: this economy has seen an increase of Americans who  lack the means for proper nutrition. I live on Florida’s Gulf Coast & even here in  my own little world  there are hungry families.

Maybe we cannot  single-handedly solve this huge problem of hunger but we all can do our part to help .

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