Sarah’s Rule of Life

I am in the process of rewriting my Rule of Life. If you do not know what a Rule of Life is: I suggest you Google it}. {I’ve had a Rule of Life since I became a Benedictine oblate years ago &  each year update it according to where God is leading me . All of us are ” works in progress” & the ule of Life helps me to keep my spiritual self in check.  I am a natural list-maker & making this Rule is { usually} not too difficult.

So much has happened in the ten  months since I’ve updated my Rule that I knew the time has come to seriously rewrite this personal but very important document.  I have a Spiritual Director now so one of the  amendments I’ve added to my Rule is to meet with him at least monthly. {even if said meeting is via phone}

While God is the One to Whom I am the most accountable, I am also accountable to my parish family: especially those  Cursillistas in my parish. My Cursillio reunion meets next Friday, so it is my goal to have the updated Rule completed by the March Reunion Group.

Worship was the easy one. I almost never miss Sunday Mass & I almost always am in the choir. Now that Wednesday Mass will return to my parish’s life I’ll  attend Mass  twice on most weeks. A******** for the return of the Wednesday  Eucharist: I’ve missed  worshipping midweek in that way  and with  a smaller number of my parishioners.

Study is also pretty easy. I am very active in my EfM program in my Diocese.  I am currently also reading some books on discernment.

Piety is pretty tricky. I * do* read the Gospel every day & pray intercessory prayers for folks but that is all I do on a daily basis.

I’m struggling with the ” Action” part. What constitutes ” apostolic action”?

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