Glasspool Election: The Time is NOW

 I’m disabled and if I felt a call to Holy Orders, my disability should not & would not affect my eligibility for ordination. But I’m a straight person with disabilities & honestly  am clueless as to the sort of hatred & exclusion that our Christian brethren  try to force upon our GLBT  siblings-in-Christ.

Yesterday in my email inbox I received the latest e-news from Episcopal Life Online. Apparently the ” unofficial”  word is that  Mary Glasspool has enough  votes by the Standing Committees throughout the Church to pretty much secure her  consecration as a Bishop. 

Now, before the national media gets their pants in a wad  about ” the Lesbian Bishop” let me first remind y’all that Bishop-Elect Glasspool’s authority will be ONLY among those parishes & missions in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles ONLY. Those of y’all who think that Holy Orders are only valid  for straight  males  can rest assure  that Mary+’s  election to Bishop won’t affect any part of your  world.

I am PROUD of my Church .  Bishop-elect Mary won’t be my bishop, but at the same time  her election is a small step towards  fulfilling equal opportunity for all persons.

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