Breaking Lent

Oops, I broke my Lenten discipline . I am in Atlanta this weekend for a family birthday celebration & I gave into temptation & ate some CHOCOLATE cheesecake last night. Yup, now the whole world knows that  I, Sarah Beth, broke my Lenten fast. This is my public confession & I humbly seek absolution.

Our Prayer book has a wonderful{ actually TWO} Rite of Reconciliation for those of us who wish to make use of this sacramental rite.  Last Lent I made my first Confession & it was an incredibly cleansing experience for me. We Anglicans belive that ” all may, some should, but none must” make a formal Confession to a priest. During every Sunday Eucharist, we collectively make a Confession to God.  The words of the Confession as found in the Holy Eucharist Rite One go as follows:

“….we are truly sorry & we humbly repent…”

I know I am not perfect. While breaking my fast from chocolate during lent isn’t really a * big deal*, I still feel badly because I failed to hold up my end of the  promise I made to  God .  I know I did not need that chocolate cheesecake, but doggone it…I got caught up in the party mode & ate a few bites of the  chocolate cheesecake.

I will do better to keep Lenten  promises & look forward to eating a lot of chocolate on the Feast of the Resurrection!


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  • Kirkepiscatoid  On 03/15/2010 at 5:48 am

    I’ve got your out. If you ate the chocolate on a Saturday night, claim your feast days are sorta Jewish, running from sundown Sat. night to sundown Sun. night. There ya go–covered!

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