CNN to lose Amanpour to ABC!

An era in TV news as I know it will soon come to an end.

 Yesterday’s New York Times online had the official announcement that Christiane Amanpour will officially depart CNN for a spot with ABC News, effective this Spring. According to the Times article,  the current show _ Amanpour_ will continue to air on CNN/I & CNN/US{ the US version only gets the Sunday version}

I grew up watching Ms Amanpour’s work on CNN & as a matter of fact, used to play “international correspondent”  when I was a kid. There are precious few women in the public eye to whom I look up & Ms Amanpour is * very* high on the list. ABC is not only acquiring a reporter–they are  also acquiring a living legend in the TV news business.

Ms Amanpour will take over the Sunday talk show slot  left vacant when George Stephanopoulos left & also do some of her famous  reporting on international  events . 

 This CNN gal is sad to her the news of the pending departure of my favorite reporters & one of my ” famous women” role models. Yet I am certain that Ms Amanpour will shine wherever  she  works. My guess is that ABC News is delighted to have  caught such a well-respected reporter.

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