Prophets are a dire bunch….

This week for EfM we are looking at the book  that is attributed to the prophet Isaiah.

Last week we learned that most, if not all, prophets  speak a message of gloom & doom .

But what I found the most fascinating from this lesson was the ” call” story of Isaiah. Look  in Isaiah Chapter 6 verse 5. Not only does this major prophet  predict doom & gloom for the people of Israel, when God chooses him to be God’s prophet Isaiah himself balks at the call.  Isaiah is recorded in Scripture as saying:

“”…Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips; yet my eyes have seen the LORD of hosts!”

Note the exclamation point. The prophet is clearly totally taken aback by this appearance of God in a vision. Do we * really* blame him for feeling surprise? The angels as described by the writer of this book are nothing like the cute little Valentine’s figures , nor are they like the more abstract yet beautiful Willow Tree angel collection. Read Isaiah 6:1-4 & see that what Isiah saw as ” angels” in his vision are  not what we 21st century Christians call to mind  when someone mentions  ” angel”.  In my opinion: the angels that Isaiah saw in his vision  look more like some  creature straight out of the Dark Side  of the Harry Potter novel series.

A few verses later the LORD asks our prophet: ” Whom Shall I send & whom shall go for us?”

Note that God asks Isaiah if he will go FOR the people…as an agent OF God.

Isiah replied with the words  that many throughout Scripture have used in response to a call from God.  He says: ” Here am I . Send me.”

Wow….Isaiah’s call story is one which I doubt has been replicated.  God spoke directly to Isaiah & Isaiah replied. But  discernment isn’t  that easy for most of us.  Although I would * really* appreciate a sure sign from God  regarding what I am supposed to do with the rest of my life that is as clear as Isaiah’s vision: I doubt  it will happen to me.

I wait…….

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