RCC Pontiff: Shame on You

Lisa Miller’s column in the March 29 issue of Newsweek was well done and timely. There is no excuse for the lack of true accountability of Roman Catholic priests & their bishops. 


I am Episcopalian, but my heritage on my father’s side is Irish Catholic and there are Roman Catholic priests in my family tree. I have a deep love and respect for the ancient Church traditions, but could not & will never abide by the rules set forth by an elite class of old men in the Vatican.  

The Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy has been reassigning pedophile priests for years, all while coercing their victims into a complacent silence. While I am sure there are good priests in the Roman Church, the hierarchy as it is works to protect the Church & its assets. As Miller notes, universal clerical celibacy for Roman Catholic priests was not even added to their doctrine until 1139 A.D.  

Maybe some people are called to perpetual singleness and there is nothing wrong with the uncoupled way of life. Yet for the Roman Church to force clergy to adopt a way of life which most people are not is unfair, impractical and downright dangerous. Mandatory celibacy of Roman Catholic clergy is not the only source of the poison that has infiltrated the upper echelons of the Roman See. Its entire structure has to be brought into the 21st century.  

Shame on the current pontiff and his cronies for continuing to allow the abuse of children entrusted into the care of Roman Catholic clergy.  


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