She said YES!

{ Luke 1:26-38}

Today is the Feast of The Annunciation of the Blessed Mother.

Last year, this major Feast Day of the Church fell on a Wednesday, so I attened a Holy Eucharist at church. Today is Thursday, so there is no H.E. But that  does not mean that  this day ceases to exist on the liturgical calendar.

Mary said YES.  She was chose by God the Father to bear the Son & she said YES!  Later on in this chapter of Scripture tells us that after Mary accepted her very special calling to God’s service, she sang a song of praise.  Her song includes the words:

” …for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant”

Mary knew instinctively that this visit from Gabriel was NOT all about her: it was about how God was planning to use her to further God’s Plan.

 As a woman, I cannot help but to imagine myself in Mary’s shoes. First of all, if the descriptions of angelic beings  of the Old Testament are accurate: I’d run scared at the sight of Gabriel. The prophet Isaiah describes heavenly hosts as appearing as anything other than our 21st century, sanitized version of ” heavenly”.

Mary’s YES was not easy. She was very young, not yet wed to St Joseph & poor. But she was a good Jewish girl who knew that  her LORD God will provide both her & St Joseph with the ways & means to provide for this very special Child. She agreed to  play a role  in the history of humanity  that, once that Child is born, shall never be the same.  By saying yes, Mary not only agreed to be the mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but the spiritual Mother of all who confess in Him as our Lord & savior.

Wow. What an overwhelming responsibility for a simple Jewish girl to take on so early in her life.

It is no coincidence that the Annunciation falls during Lent. How apropos it is for  the angel to make his announcement to the Blessed Mother a mere  few days  until the adult Jesus  walks towards  His death{ and eventual Resurrection} As His Mother, Mary would  watch her son be mocked, beaten, & eventually killed on that hill outside the holy city of Jerusalem.

All of us are called by Our Lord to a task which might seem impossible. But like Mary, we must fear not. God is with us.


Feast Of The Annunciation 2010

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