He is not here: Alleluia!


{Luke 24:1-12}

Finally we can say the ” a-word” . No, not THAT a-word. Alleluia.

Christ has risen!

The end of the Triduum ends with a Vigil and/or an Easter Day Mass where, Christ, once thought to be dead,  is alive! Light returns from the darkness.  Hope returns to the hopeless friends of Christ.

I want to focus on the closest *amigos* of Our Lord & imagine for a minute what was going through their minds. I bet they were scared. After all, the Roman  emperor persecuted these early followers of this man Jesus of Nazareth. They saw what happened to Him, so my guess is that His friends might have thought” Who is next to be crucified?”

While Jesus lay in the tomb  there was utter hopelessness  for his friends. They didn’t understand why He, who had performed so many miracles, could not avoid the horrible death He suffered.  And then there is the question of Judas…how could one of their OWN willingly have  led the Roman soldiers to their teacher & friend.  And I imagine Peter was the most baffled. It was he, Peter, who  drew his own sword when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus in the garden. But Jesus had rebuked Hsi friend & allowed Himself to be led away as though a common thief.

Above all, the very human disciples of Our Lord probably felt sorrow. It is tough to say goodbye to someone whom you love, especially when the person departs so abruptly & violently as did Jesus. But wait….had Jesus  departed His friends abruptly? He tried to warn them many times that He would be leaving them. But, since they loved Him so much,  Jesus’ words fell on ears that refused to hear.

When the women came to Jesus’ tomb  early on that third day & discovered that His body was missing, they too were dismayed .  But two ” messengers” tell the women

” He is not here  He has risen.”

Their dear friend & teacher  WAS alive! He had conquered death. Scripture then tells us that the women then run to tell the other disciples what they had seen & heard  the men did not believe their tale.

Jesus IS alive . We 21st century Christians know this to be true, but in first-century Galilee it was not *quite* that obvious to Jesus’ friends. 

But we are not so different from the first followers of Our Lord.  Like Peter, we are cynical. We refuse to believe any good news until we have proof ” beyond a reasonable doubt.{ yes, I am told I think like a lawyer…please refrain from lawyer jokes!} How often do we  fail to believe  seemingly bad news because we  ” just don’t want to face reality”.

But the reality of Easter is Reality.

God so much loves humanity that  God gave the only Son to die for all our sins. In Christ, we die to sin & are reborn from above.

We recite the Nicene Creed & part of it goes like this:
For OUR SAKE He was crucified under Pontius Pilate

he suffered death & was buried.

On the third day he rose again

in accordance with the Scriptures;

he ascended into heaven…{ BCP pg 358}

Three days…and at the end is an empty tomb.


Feast of the Resurrection 2010

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  • David Justin Lynch  On 04/12/2010 at 2:29 am

    You are a very good writer, but your theology needs a bit of expansion. Jesus died because some very evil people acting from very evil motives (desire for power) killed him. His resurrection represented a triumph over evil. Jesus is in fact my Savior, but by his incarnation rather than his crucifixion. Have you ever heard of Peter Abelard? Gustav Aulen? Denny Weaver? You might want to consider exploring the moral theory of atonement, the Christus Victor theory, and the non-violent theory, respectively. You write from the heart, but you could use a little more depth. I’ll be glad to help mentor you.

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