WV Mine Accident: Please Pray


Today is Tuesday of Easter Week.

Last night on the news{ yeah, I watched the news since my show was preempted for something called the NCAA basketball championship!} The lead story was an accident that occurred at a coal mine in West Virginia. While I am not a native West Virginian, I’ve several friends there & attended college there for the best three years of my life. So the state of West Virginia has a soft spot in my heart.

Today one of my Facebook friends e-mailed me a link to the Presiding Bishop’s Easter Vigil message  from Central New York.  Here is a snippet of what++ Katharine told them during the Great Vigil of Easter:

“-Yet somehow those women at the tomb found the strength and courage to tell their story. They turned in at wisdom’s door and discovered peace. We only know the good news of Easter because they told of their frightful encounter. Wisdom’s invitation keeps on going out: “turn in here, join the feast, find blessing, life, light, and peace.”
++Katharine Jefferts-Schori

 Since becoming an Episcopalian, I’ve learned the importance of telling MY story & as well as active listening to the stories of others. In EfM we learned that * none* of us are exempt from heartache, sorrow & just bad luck. But we also learn that God is at work even through the darkness of a ” Good Friday ” experience in our collective and/or individual lives.

The women at Jesus’ tomb had the courage to tell others the  story of what they experienced. They told a story , but it was THE STORY.  As incomprehensible as the story of th empty tomb might have seemed to those first-century apostles: the women knew the importance of sharing the story.

Ok, back to the West Virginia mine disaster. Now that we  heard the story: what are we going to do? 

 Prayer is the first item on the ” to-do list” for we Christians. We need to pray for all persons involved in these communities & not just the victims  stuck in the mine. Their colleagues, families, friends & the whole coal mining industry needs to be lifted up in prayer. They tell us  their stories & we need to actively listen  & respond.  Maybe some are blessed with the resources to travel to West Virginia to aid the search & rescue efforts. { Believe me if I COULD go  there myself & help I would gladly do so. But I cannot & I am resigned to that fact} Life is scary. Life is messy. But it is by sharing our stories that we grow closer to each other and to Him, He who  was discovered  absent from the on that morning  so long ago.

Alleluia. Amen.

Tuesday Of Easter Week 2010

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