I am totally remiss…I have not updated this blog since April 4. Shame on me.

I am the Team Captain for my parish’s Relay For Life & that has been the focus of my efforts since I’ve last posted to my blog. Our event was this past weekend & I am just * now* recovering from my 18-plus hours of no sleep. I arrived home Saturday morning  just before noon &, try as I might could not sleep! UGH.  

I could NOT have done it alone. My parish family is awesome & I thanked them at both Masses  on Sunday. Parishioners of all ages were a part of this years effort but I especially  thanked the youth of the parish. Their energy  positively affected this thirty-something introvert & I am so proud of our youth. The Church is truly in good hands! Alleluia. Amen.  The youth not only walked several laps but during the wee hours of the morning some of them were playing group games & singing  karaoke. I am an introvert & I do NOT like playing group games nor do I sing karaoke so kudos  to the extroverts  who so willingly participated in all the group fun. Ask anyone who knows me: I so am not a fan of group games. { ok, the exceptions are word games & Trivial Pursuit but these are not played at Relay events…yet!}

Leading Relay this year surely placed me out of my ” comfort zone” but I’ve discovered that I grow the most when forced out of what is comfortable.

Relay is truly a TEAM & COMMUNITY event & this years RFL event  is proof of what a community can do if we put aside all our differences & work together for a common cause.  Since Relay is a COMMUNITY event: All sorts of people were there & saw some{ though, thanks be to God, not many} whom I really would rather  not see again But in the spirit of the event & with my understanding of what it means to live in community & was able to wipe away my negativity concerning these persons.{ at least for the one night!!}

Why can’t the rest of the world carry on in the spirit of Relay? If this were so, than perhaps yours truly might learn to be an extrovert.

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