let us chant!

As I was editing the galley proof copy of the parish newsletter, something caught my eye & made me very exited.  My parish has a new rector, so many good changes have occurred within my faith family as of late.  But since I’ve sung in church choirs since the tender age of six: May’s ” Rector’s Ramblings” * really* caught & kept my attention.  

According to my rector’s monthly note that we will soon start  having the weekly Psalm chanted at the 10.30  Mass at church. Alleluia & amen! This is awesome.

I am * very* high-Church, so naturally this  impending changes  makes me very happy.  Until I joined The Episcopal Church, I had no personal experience with any sort of chants…Protestants just don’t  see the value in this ancient form of music.  I was first introduced to chanting the psalms during Lent, 2009 when we chanted the Psalms appointed for those few weeks. Yes…it was total & complete LOVE as soon as  I heard it & for the life of me I cannot understand why chanting is not used more often during Masses in Ordinary Time.  Psalm tones are not too difficult &  most folks with any sort of attention span can pick up on the notes.

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  • David Justin Lynch  On 04/22/2010 at 10:37 pm

    I am a singer of many years’ experience. The first music I learned as a child was Gregorian chant in Church. I grew up in an Anglo-Catholic church (St. Andrews Stamford CT) where nearly the whole Mass was sung. I now live in Palm Springs, CA and to get the Psalm sung at my church is going to take some heavy lifting. Probably when it is my turn to read the Psalm I’ll monotone it and see how it flies. This last Palm Sunday the priest asked me to read the gospel reading for the Liturgy of the Palms so I chanted it (using the customary Gospel tone). It surprised everyone but I got compliments on it.

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