We need Good Shepherds

Sunday was Good  Shepherd Sunday.

While Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd, we have a responsibility to be good shepherds to those whom God entrusted to our care.

Christ knows each of  us & cares for us as beloved members of His flock.

 In a homily preached this past Sunday ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori  said:

“We need more good shepherds who are willing to go out there and invite everybody to the feast. We need more good shepherds in Congress. We need more good shepherds in schools. We need more good shepherds in the choir. We need more good shepherds on the streets. Each and every one of us is both a sheep and a shepherd,”

Amen again, sister Presiding Bishop.

We do need more shepherds out tending to the flock. All of us, by virtue of our Baptism, are shepherds. It is our responsibility  & PRIVLEGE to tend to those  whom we find ourselves among.  My Protestant friends would call this ” the priesthood of all Believers” but I like the shepherding image better.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd & we Christians are His flock.  He loves us & in response to that love we are to tend to the needs of other ” sheep”. It matters not if the sheep  we meet in our daily lives are similar to us  or totally different.  ALL Of us are Christ’s beloved sheep & He loves us without regard to race, socioeconomic class, gender, disability and { yes!!!} sexual orientation.

Part of the beauty of Benedictine spirituality is the  welcoming the guest as one would welcome Christ Himself.  My Benedictine monastic friends  teach me so much about welcoming  & ” shepherding” the  sheep one finds at one’s metaphorical or literal doorstep.

Are you a good shepherd? Am I?

I know I  fall short of being the shepherd that our Good Shepherd would want me to be, but I know that I try every day to overcome my own prejudices & see each person as Our Lord & Good Shepherd would see him or her.

In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Alleluia . Amen.

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