Shame on you, BP!

 I read in the online version of the Miami Herald that the response by BP to the disaster it cased in our Gulf  is simply ” oops”

Pardon my language , but what the freaking hell is ” oops”!!!! This was not an instance of spilling one’s jam on the kitchen tile floor. This was an explosion at sea which cost the life of several hard-working  people employed by the monstrous oil behemoth while the ol slick  is slowly inching its way towards our Gulf beaches.

According to Carl Hisaan’s article, the size of this oil mass is roughly the same size of the state of Rhode Island. Now , R.I may be the smallest state in the US, but a mess of oil that size  is disastrous.  I can’t help but curse the BP execs for their greed & apparent lack of concern for the  ecosystem AND the economy of the residents of the US Gulf Coast.

I am also really disappointed, bu not surprised, that Washington DC is conducting ” Business as usual” as the oil  moves its way towards my  home. The Obama Administration has  announced, according to Hiassan &  other news sources, that the plans for offshore drilling in Florida are not  planning to cease.

Again…what the HELL?!

{By the way…BOTH major political parties are responsible for perpetuation the interests of Big Oil}

Offshore drilling  has proven to be a bad idea. Has Big Oil & Big Lobby forgotten what happened in Alaska? I have not  & can still clearly recall the  depressing, heart-wrenching images of oiled wildlife and black-crusted  coastlines .

SAY NO TO BP! We can protest with our wallets. Although oil & ol products are a staple of our way of life, thankfully capitalism has allowed for more than one oil company to compete with BP.

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