50 days with Bishop Katharine

I am going to spend the next 50 days with ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori.

Unfortunately, I do not mean that literally.  I am, however, going to re-read her first book_ A Wing & A Prayer_.

I’ll read at least one of her  sermonettes per day & chronicle my thoughts  regarding what she says in that book on my blog.  Note: This is a re-read. I first read this book  when it came to me as a Confirmation gift & when I met ++ Katharine  at my request she signed my copy of the book. { So nope—this is one book in my library that I will NOT lend out to even my dearest bibliophile friends.}

Along with the Bible, my Book of Common Prayer & re-reading Bishop Katharine’s words, I’ll be in a more mindful,  contemplative state of mind.  Lately my mind has been filled with so much ” clutter” & most of this mess in my mind is over  instances  where I have no control.  I keep reminding myself that I cannot control others’ reactions. I can only control my reactions .

But because I love deeply I also hurt deeply.  Indifference  is the worst feeling in the world.  I would much rather someone be angry with me than  totally blow me off as did someone  whom I knew quite well & saw again for the first time on Sunday evening.  This individual  made me feel totally invisible….and as if our shared history meant nothing to this person. :O(

On top of this whole oil spill , I am so freaking confused about what God wants from me.  In spite of my limitations, I know that I am blessed with many gifts. 

Anyhow, my Anglo-Catholic friends, feel free to join me on this journey with our Presiding Bishop. :O) The first entry shall be posted on my WordPress blog tomorrow evening.

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