50 days with KJS: Day 2

Day 2: Tending to The Wounded Body Of Christ

 We live in a hopless age….the most recent environmental distaster we hface on the US Gulf Coast  brings to the front of my mind the hoplessness that many feel. We  cannot fathom how such a terrible thing can occur right here  on the shores of some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

But Bishop Katharine reminds us that our hope comes from knowing tha the God of Israel is the same God WHo delivered the people from slavery in Egypt. This is the same God Who loved humanity so much that God sent the only Son to live, teach , die & eventually be raised from the dead in atonement for our sins. God loves us…all of us.

God even loves the executives of BP{ and yes…I am * really* struggling with that concept right now…my own woundedness does NOT want to make room for rich BP execs who are the catalyst  for this disaster.

Let me focus on the Incarnation: God coming to Earth in the form of one Jewish rabbi in the first-century Middle Eastern world.

Jesus’ message is one about inclusive love. His early followers were men{ and  most-likely some women!} who were not men of exceptional intellect, wealth or even good moral character.  Jesus chose the first disciples from among  average men in His community & these individuals trusted  Him enough to abandon their livelihoods &  Follow Him as He  brough the message of hope & salvation.

Bishop Katharine  says that each person is valuable in God’s  view & it is up to we 21st century Christian disciples to   find the worth in every human being & invite him or her to use their God given gifts to further spread the Kingdom of God  in the here & now.

Let me return to the current oil spill crisis  here on the Florida Gulf Coast. What might you & I be called to do to  be better stewards of God’s Creation? Perhaps we are  called to save resources on gasoline by using public transportation or carpooling to work or school?  Maybe we can alter our use of electricity by keeping the thermostat at a level that uses less power.  This oil spill crisis  has & will would those of us living on the Gulf Coast, but it is often during these  painful times that folks most need  we Christians to reach out to them in the spirit of unconditional love? 

Finally, we can reach out in prayer for the  people at the top of the BP corporate  ladder…those very people who earn a lot of money from  American’s addiction to oil products. God loves rich oil executives, too.

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