50 days w/KJS: Day 4

 You Can’t Always Get What  You Want

{ Exodus 16 22-29}

Read Exodus 16 in its entirety.  God does provide.

I LOVE the Rolling Stones & in this piece, our Presiding Bishop quotes  the lines of one of the  Stones’ most famous  songs:

” You can’t always get what you want/ but if you try sometime, you just might find/ you get what you need.”

 The notion of  ” the myth of scarcity”  goes against what our capitalist  & consumer-driven society teaches  us.  Growing up in the 1980’s I was blessed with parents who  worked hard to instill  a social conscience in my younger brother & me.  But even today I find myself incredulous at the waste of our natural & economic resources  which run rampant all around me.  A child I know was given an Iphone at age ten{ yes!!} & yet I  have committed myself to making do with the basic cell phone I already own.  My cell phone is a necessity: especially since  am medically unable to drive an automobile.

Sure I’d love to have  an iPhone, but in reality it is not something I need & frankly would not use it enough to justify the date  service charges for an iPhone.  Yet if I had to travel a lot for business owning  an Iphone would make a lot more sense for me.  Yet I cannot fathom  buying  a child an iPhone just so he can have the latest new gadget on the market.  Ten-year-old children do not bees to be ” wired” 24 hours per day & seven days per week!

I heard a Protestant  minister preach a whole series of sermons on” the myth of scarcity several years ago.  But God provides each & every one of us with gifts that we need both to survive & to serve  God in the way  in which we are designed to serve. 

Bishop Katharine says ”  A God’s eye view does not see scarcity— its all abundance. ”

Let us pray a Jewish blessing with a Christian addendum:

Blessed are You, LORD God of the Universe, for YOU give us bread from the earth…{ In the name of the father, Son & Holy Spirit, Amen!

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