50 Days with ++ KJS : Day 5

 ” Total Ministry”

Today’s  message from our Presiding Bishop is one about Total Ministry.  As I prepare to  recognize my one-year anniversary as a confirmed  Episcopalian this * really*  speaks to me this day.

 Bishop Katharine says ”  THe last time I checked, the Body of Christ already has a Head, and its not you or me or the rector down the street. ”

 Jesus Christ IS the  head of the Church, but we are all called to be active  members of the Body.   By virtue of our baptism &   later recognized  at our Confirmation, all of us are called to ministry.

 This past year  has been a challenging one  in m life . Most of the challenges were  easy but there were a few HUGE potholes in my first  year as a  confirmed traveller  on the Anglo-Catholic  Christian path.  Circumstances  had to force this introvert out of her ” comfort zone”   as I engaged in ministries that needed  to be done within my parish, my Diocese  & my community.

Bishop Katharine says that no ministry is more important  than another & that  as Christians, engaging in total ministry involves  emptying the self in order to let in the reign of God.   Challenges & hardships  should be seen as ways that we  can grow the Body Of Christ rather than   challenges  meant to deter God’s work in the here & now.

 I am blessed to know several wonderful priests from all over the church , but for me the most amazing example of total ministry  is a layperson. My parish’s  Senior Warden is my mentor & example  of someone  who willingly   serves in the capacity for which she was called to serve.  If you are  are also blessed to know her you  can totally  resonate  as to why this woman is an example of someone living out  Total Ministry.

 Sunday is my  ” anniversary” as a full  member of  The Episcopal Church, te day when I  publicly & before my parish, Bishop &  many friends  willingly accepted my calling  into full membership of this great Church.  God isn’t through with me yet…not by a long shot. But today I am thankful for many of the living examples of Total Servant Ministry  whom I am proud to call siblings-in-Christ!


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