50 Days with ++KJS Day 6: Who’s Got Ahold Of You?


In my Confirmation class we learned that the ” official” name of our Church is The Domestic & Foreign Mission Society.  Yep.

As Anglicans, we are all about MISSION. What bothers me is how many folks who are NOT familiar with our Church thank that we American Anglicans are just ” the gay Church”. I; am not saying that  equality is not important, because it is! But what really annoys me is when folks hear the word ” Episcooaplian” & their minds automatically  go to the isue of gay & lesbian clergy.

Bishop Katharine asks us to ask ourselves the question” Who has got ahold of you?” That is where our mission focus should be.

The Samarian woman  ” got ahold ” of Jeus literally & figuratively.  Bishop Katharine  asks us to look deep inside our own souls &  find the ” Samarian”  who is reaching out.  maybe the Samarian for some of us are our GLBT sisters & brothers-in-Christ but this is not the case for me.

Rather I struggle with seeing the very folks who have such prejudices as  ” Samarians” I ask myself, often with righteous indignation, HOW DARE THEY JUDGE OTHERS?” But if I am honest with myself, I am doing the judging to them. This is not what Christ  wants His followers to do. Christ wants us to further His mission by helping whomever needs it. If I stop to help a homless woman & , upon seeing my pendant  bearing the Episcopal Church Shield { which never leaves my person when I am awake} & tells me that I am ” going to hell because my Church ordains gays & women”  that does not make her any less needy than the homless  person who attends Mass one Sunday  at my parish.

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