50 Days w/++KJS: Day 7

 “City Of God”


That is how ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori  greets folks.  According to her, the word ” Shalom” is merely not   the  tree-hugging  hippie’s version of peace…it is something * much* bigger than that.

According to ++ KJS  shalom represents” … a community where people are at peace with one another because  each one has enough to eat,  adequate shelter. medical care & shelter.Shalom is a city where justice is the rule of the day, where prejudice has vanished, where the diverse gifts with which we have been blessed are equally valued.”

 Is this a lofty goal? Perhaps.  But lofty does not mean unattainable. Each & every one of us hs a responsibility to bring our little corner of this world closer to that grand vision of shalom.

 It takes a lot of energy to hate an individual & even more energy to hate a whole group of people.  Like Bishop Katharine: I yearn for a world with no hatred: a world of shalom.

For me, coming closer to shalom means seeking to find some inner peace  with folks who have hurt me deeply.  Forgiveness is not one of my strong spiritual gifts: I can hold a grudge for what seems to be  most of , my lifetime. But the Holy Spirit has been slowly working within me during these past two years.

In retrospect: if I had not gone through the  darkness, I would not have come to a more  Light-filled spiritual & practical place in my life. Through the darkness: God has shown me  how to further shalom through  reconciliation. 

Due in part to what I’ve dealth with in the most painful part of my spiritual journey: I know now that to exclude , belittle or gossip about anyone is wrong.  A society closer to  shalom  would not have any of the pettiness that exists among & between groups & individuals. 

Knowing that I am equally-valued  & valuing equally the gifts of others  has brought me a sense of peace & joy to which I can only attribute to God.

 The hurt has not  gone away, but the intense hatred towards those who have hurt me is gone. Shalom!

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