50 Days with ++ KJS Day 8

” How Can We Keep From Singing?”

This weekend The Episcopal Church will see two new Bishops consecrated. 
Indeed, ” How can we keep from singing?

 I’d love to somehow transport myself via the Floo Network & arrive at that Cathedral in time for this consecration.  But alas, the Floo Network is an invention of one Ms J.K Rowling.  Darn.

Both these  women{ yes WOMEN!!} are  superb, & have been elected & verified in due process with the Canons of The Episcopal Church.  I am * very* happy for these  women, their families , the Los Angeles Diocese & our wider Church.

How can we keep from singing?

Bishop Katharine says

”  We are meant to be bringers of peace and shalom, a light to the nations. And we are meant to sing a new song  of grace & abundance, of healing & transformation.”

I have no doubt that these two  new bishops will help to further the  mission of the Church both within the Episcopal Church &  within mainline Christianity.

Both Bishop-Elects Bruce & Glasspool are women of amazing faith,  integrity & courage.  If I had been a delegate on that Convention floor, my vote would have gone to both these fine  servant-leaders.

Yes, I am a feminist & am * delighted* that two more women will now wear a mitre.  But  I am more  delighted because I see that God ‘s work IS being done in the here & now.  Gender  is not a barrier to the episcopate & neither is   one’s sexual preference.  The gender  & sexuality of these candidates is a moot pont: both are  well-qualified & duly elected by the Diocese of Los Angeles.

If we are truly  living a faith which expresses  radical hospitality, then one’s gender or sexual orientation  should not even be  considered when vetting one’s choice for deacons, priests or bishops.

Radical hospitality is  hospitality that causes us to go beyond what is known & what is comfortable.  We are called to stretch our minds & hearts  in order to welcome the stranger who clearly is ” not like us”.


Feast Of the Ascension 2010

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