50 days with ++KJS : Day 9

” Shalom  Around the World”

 Bishop Katharine, in this homily, reminds us that our baptism  calls each & every one of us to be leaders in Christ’s Church.  She also points out that sometimes our ministry changes…& can change drastically.

No kidding. I feel that I am at a * huge* crossroads in my walk with Our Lord & I am not sure where I am going.  My personal ministry is changing but  , much to my dismay, I do not know what is next in my faith story.

Bishop Katharine says:

” Going naked into the { Baptismal} font says something about your openness to whatever God has in store for you.”

 With all due respect, sister Presiding Bishop Katharine, I do NOT like  feeling vulnerable.  To me  vulnerability means there is room for  potential  spiritual abuse & that is something which nearly destroyed my faith in  God & God’s organized Church. Hiding behind layers of protective clothing is much easier than letting  my soul go naked.

I can tell you what I miss from my  past life as a Protestant. I miss working with childrens’ & youth ministries.  For many years I taught Sunday school & also volunteered with the youth programs, both locally &  within the Presbyterian Church USA. 

When I left the PCUSA I tucked that gift, the gift of teaching &  being present for younger Christians, away. After all: I was still trying to figure out all this  new Episco-speak….I was in no shape, intellectually or spiritually, to instruct the  next generation.

But now…just maybe, God might be calling me to work with the next generation of Churchfolks? Hmmm.

Bishop Katharine asks ” where has God surprised you lately?”

Well— God has surprised me a lot lately. Frankly at first I totally did not appreciate  the surprises that our Creator  placed in my faith path but now I am seeing the ” big picture” & feel * very* certain that God’s will IS being done. But what I struggle with  is what all this means for me. What is Sarah Beth’s role in the ” big picture”?


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