50 days with ++KJS Day 10

” God Bless The Whole World: No Exceptions”

Regarding the controversial Arizona immigration bill, ++ Katharine’s message for today is very apropos.

She says

” The Kingdom of God’s reign, or God’s commonwealth, has not got room for national chauvinism.”

I think Arizona’s new immigration law is WRONG! Now of course I am all about making sure  people get her legally & providing the means  for an easier path to citizenship. Yet at the same time, this law in Arizona is nothing more than an attempt to legalize racial profiling. That{ racial profiling} is totally wrong. I am fair-skinned with blue eyes  and if I am walking down a street in Arizona with a hot  dark-skinned man, will I need to worry that this companion{ however imaginary} might get thrown in jail or deported?

 News Flash, y’all: this law amounts to racial profiling!

This is the United States of America….a nation built on immigrants. I do not see how this law will help keep Arizona safer{ um safer from WHAT, exactly?} & fear that other states  may soon follow suit with similar laws.  Immigration reform is not about exclusion it is about finding ways to LEGALLY bring in new citizens to this great nation of ours.

Adolf Hitler tried this sort of thing back in Nazi Germany & more than 6 million people died horrid deaths as a result of  this sort of profiling.

Bishop Katharine says that  all of us have some identity with one or more ethnic or racial identities. But, as she said, Christ didn’t come , teach, die & be raised from the dead just for a certain group in first-century Palestine.  God came to us in human for  in order to redeem ALL of humanity. We Christians call this the Incarnation.  Christ didn’t just come to save a certain group in His homeland nor did He come to save white, middle & upper-class Americans.

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  • smurlene  On 05/15/2010 at 5:08 pm

    Bishop C is a smart woman! Thank you for writing this. It is a sad time in our country.

  • Sarah Beth  On 05/15/2010 at 9:04 pm

    You are welcome, Smurlene:O)

    I am writing a series of blogs based on Bishop Katharine’s book_ A WIng & A Prayer_

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