I am gonna deviate from my series on ++KJS meditations tonight to address an issue that is near to my heart.

I wanna know : why do  some people  pledge friendships & then drop one like a hot coal with no explanation? The gal  to whom I am making reference eve came to my Confirmation Mass exactly one year ago. She isn’t even Episcopalian & as a matter of fact, attends the church I left, but * really* wanted to attend my Confirmation Mass.  She went all-out, sitting in the front with two of my BEST friends & even presenting me with a gorgeous  sarum-blue Rosary.

 Not long after that Mass  ” M”   quit returning my phone calls, removed me from her Facebook list & basically  disappeared from my life.  And I still am hurt & upset by her behavior. 

Maybe I expect too much out of people. I am very loyal…so loyal as a matter of fact that I ALMOST did not follow God’s calling into The Episcopal Church but in retrospect thanks be to GOD that I did break that one loyalty. But as far as friendships go: I am loyal until one crosses me with a betrayal. Looking back, I cannot think of  when or how I might have betrayed this individual…after all she * did* come to my special day last spring { on her own accord–I didn’t even request that she come!!!}

After all: she sought to continue the friendship, even when we no longer worshipped at the same church & insisted that she wanted to be there for my Confirmation & bought me the lovely blue Rosary I still have & use this Rosary mainly because It has been blessed by a priest & a priest who happens to be one of my favorite people ever. So I am keeping the sacramental: It does have some sentimental value & a noted, has been blessed.

At this point I don’t even want to try to rekindle that friendship & several months ago I called & left a not-so-nice voicemail. Basicly I told her that if she is avoiding me &  won’t give me a reason for  her sudden disappearance from my life  I did NOT understand. There are plenty of people in my life who are worth my time: I have such good friends that they will tell me when I am out-of-line.

But why do people “suck” sometimes. As K Mom said, life is too short to bother surrounding oneself with people who are not worth it. Clearly  ” M” doesn’t think I’m worth her time. Fine, then. But I hesitate to meet new female friends because of the crap I went through when ” M” decided to abruptly dump me.

 I so need a talk with Fr Bob. Stat.

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  • mary  On 05/17/2010 at 2:57 am

    I would continue to pray about it. This weekend saw healing of a friendship of a disagreement that happened in February 1981!!!! Now, how is that for Amazing Grace! Instead of the passage of 29 years, the reunion felt like only 29 days had passed God has His reasons and sometimes He is silent, yet working behind the scenes. Have faith and seize any opportunity to gently ask her what is going on in her life. This time of quiet may have absolutely nothing to do with anything you said or did. Wishing you peace!

  • Sarah Beth  On 05/17/2010 at 3:00 am

    Thanks, Mary. But she continues to ignore me….:O(

  • mary  On 05/18/2010 at 10:38 pm

    Just remember God continues to work in the silence. With some people, we must send them love and move on. Try not to take it personally. There is a reason God is protecting you from her. God will eventually reveal whay he took her out of your life…give Him time.

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