Day 14: 50 Days w/++KJS

I am remiss….a lot has been occurring that has caught my attention. This tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, where I live, jhas consumed my thoughts as of late.

Today’s essay by ++KJS speaks volumes to me about what it means to be a Christ-follower .

She talks about how, sometimes when she travels she wears her ” funny purple shirt & collar”  The responses a collared ++KJS recieve apparently  are as varied  as are the individuals she encounters.  I can’t help but wonder what some  Christians who are * not* as forward-thinking as most of the folks I know with regards to womens’ ordination to the priesthood  think of a woman in a fushia shirt & clerical collar?

She spoke of two lesbian women  with whom she sat on a  commercial plane ride  who refused to  communicate with her during their shared flight.   This is sad. Anyone who would have recognized ++ Katharine would KNOW she isn’t judgemental but all the two ladies saw was the ” funny purple shirt & collar”.  Now I am sure they had their reasons for being wary of collared folks{ no offense to my dear  clergy friends!}   but I can’t help but  think that  many folks ” on the fringe” of  everyday society feel shunned by we Christians.  

++ Katharine say

” When we can look into the eyes of the person sitting next to us  who has a radically different opinion than us & see the image of God, then we can begin to discover that God is more than we can imagine.”

Followers of Christ are called to see God in every person we meet. Do we do this? Do I always do this. Negative.  I am very judgemental  of folks who are judgemental. Does this make any sense? No, but that is my way of thinking.

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