Not Your Grandmother’s Church

I came across this great ++KJS quote , and since I am still in the  50 Days with ++ KJS theme, I wanted to share with y’all.

She says: ” This is not your Grandmother’s church.”

Amen Amen.

Many Christians don’t like change. It scares them. But I, as a postmodern Christian with strong feminist leanings, DO embrace change. From what  leadership, both lay & ordained, in my generation  tell me, I am not alone in my thinking.

Christians should not be stagnant. The message of the Gospel is for everyone & its past time that we embrace the radical hospitality that Christ taught & start welcoming folks who are ” not like us”.

Our generation DOES embrace change . We  came of age in a time of great diversity. Many of us have dated or are married to someone from another race or faith background than the one in which we grew up. Many of us are totally comfortable with the reality that some people{ I’m told one in ten} are natutally homosexual.

This is a postmodern Church  existing in a postmodern world. And the only way that we Christians are gonna be true Christ-light bearers is to get out into the world & be willing to meet folks as they are & welcome them without reservation.

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