Yes…IT is here.


The first tar balls  arrived not too far from where I hang out Gulf side.

I am crushed. While I was not born here in the Gulf South, it has become my home.  The people who live here don’t see this as a ” statistic”. This is our livelihood. Those of us who might not be directly affected by the economic repressions of BP’s error will have our way of life severely altered.

 When I see the images of oil-soaked animals I cry. They are innocent victims in this travesty.

I’m not a ” hater” But I find myself hating BP & its CEO’ with a passion.  They CAN clean up this mess, but they would rather spend  insane amounts of money on a public-relations  campaign.{as if that will help their image with the American public!} I do not trust anything that BP’s image-makers are telling us via the mainstream media.

My heart hurts, y’all.

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