Cycles, faith & some HOPE

 I admit that my last blog posting was a real downer.  The oil spill here on the Gulf Coast has all of us on high alert.

But today my hope in humanity  has returned…at least my hope  in the future of my Church. Today was Youth Sunday at my parish & the young people did all the ” jobs” of the Mass with the exception of the Eucharist. Each & every one of them did a * fantastic* job & I am so proud! Two of the graduated 2010 seniors gave the homily today & it was right on target! { It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit works, eh?}

It is hard to look towards the future when the present looks so bleak. But today the young people reminded this  sorta-young adult that NOTHING is impossible  to God. The Gospel lesson for today hold true…God can do all things & somehow, we’ll see the bigger picture that is part of God’s plan for humanity.

On Friday I attended the 2010 graduation exercises for the local high school & was reminded again that  endings  happen so that new beginnings can occur. Life is cyclical, it is not stagnant.  Young people grow up, graduate & many move away from home. People get older & eventually die. Dear friends move away & potential new friends move into the community. Creation is one big round sphere.

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I detest change of any sort.  Honestly, I avoided God’s calling me to The Episcopal Church mostly because I feared change…even though my soul was not being fed I clung to the familiar church & denomination for much longer than  was healthy simplly because of the familiarity. 

God was calling me to ” graduate”  in a sense, to close one chapter of my spiritual & social life .  And now I cannot imagine my life without the people of my parish , Diocese & friends from all over the Church.   But now I’m here & am so filled with joy & a zest to discern what God might want of me *next*. I know that I am surrounded by so many sister & brother travellers on this great cyclic journey called life.

Young people grow up, graduate & many move away from home.  Change is the only constant, both in our personal  lives & our lives as a community of faith.  We don’t always understand why things happen that cause  collective { or personal} pain & sadness & sometimes  change { especially if it is unexpected, like this oil slick} can cause distress.

In spite of everything going down here on the Gulf Coast I am hope-full.




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